Sunday, October 11, 2009

Encampment & Scouts - Ft. Selden - 9-11 OCT

Here are some pics of our encampment at Ft. Selden in October. It was a small event for some Cub Scouts & Girl Scouts from Las Cruces - the entrance fee being used to fund replanting of the dying trees around the fort. It was living history again, but we got to get out there do something...without driving 10 hours, so that is a good thing. Well, let the pics tell the story...we had a good time.

A nice pic of part of the ruins at Ft. Selden. This is also the picket line, which is on the site of the original stables.

Here is a common view around the park in the beauty of Southern New Mexico-Radium Springs.

Here is a pic of many of the Friends of Ft. least all the 'fighting men' present for duty.

Larry forming up the Girl and Cub Scouts in the morning

Joe with scouts and chess

Larry and Brent getting ready to head out and drill a bit

Off we go...

Brent and Tom posing for the camera

Jake and Bethany with close up

Jake and Tom are getting honorarily welcomed into the Order of Saint Barbara - Saint of the Artillery by Billy, John, Ken and Russ, by getting a little swipe of the swab on their left cheek.

Jake is getting ready to pull the lanyard on his first time in training on the gun.

Here are the 2 newest members of the gun crew, Tom & Jake - and quite pleased to begin to learn the gun drills.

Not sure, but it looks like Russ is trying to say something to me. You'll notice the US flag. This flag was a gift from PBS in recognition of the cooperation of the group during a film they were composing on Gen. George S. Patton, who was stationed here as a boy with his father.

Here is Jake riding Ginger. He actually did some training again at this event. He was able to get Ginger to stop & start on his command.

Eme & Joe are getting ready for a ride.

Here is a nice pic of Joe...he has always looked so comfortable and natural up in the saddle.

Here is Jimmy and Larry's littlest daughter riding J.R.

Here are some more pics of us...

Jake having a good time in the shade

Tom here showing his shiny pearls

Eme riding Ginger...she has fun riding on the horses

Joe and his blue eyes having fun

Jimmy Cat chowing down some food

Bethany hanging out

Brent in front of the ruins