Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Fort Selden Encampment - 10-11 FEB 2010

Well, my oldest son Jake and I actually did a reenactment with the 8th TX (Terry's Texas Rangers) back in November, but since I have very little pics, it wasn't worth making a post for. And I did no events in December or January, so here is the most recent. I just went up on Friday night by myself. Only Larry Pope, his 2 girls and his 2 horses (Ginger and J.R.) were there. I decided that since Larry and the 'Popettes' don't use sleeping bags, well, I was going to rough it with just blankets also. I took 8! Guess what...still froze. Well, my feet were quite cold. The other problem was sleeping on the ground with just 3 blankets as padding (and the canvas covered ground cloth beneath me). But it was a beautiful crisp New Mexico night...just quite chilly.

Larry attending to his girls - the famous 'Popettes'!

A nice pic of some stacked arms with my tent, pistols hanging and chess set on display, while Larry tends the fire.

Here is John and Butch in action talking to a few of the visitors.

And a firing display...

Here are the 'Popettes' taking a break and enjoy playing with a homemade period doll. Larry has done a great job making their dresses, carpet bags and so on. A very authentic look...well, if kids came along on expeditions that is! But seriously, they have a great impression going on. And it is fun to have them at events. Usually my kids are along too...

Larry tending to Ginger and J.R. Ginger had some stomach issues that have been getting her for a while.

This would have been a better pic had I not stood up and inadvertantly looked at the camera at the precise moment he snapped the shot. Oh get a nice pic of me hitching up my drawers.

Myself and Larry grooming the mounts before we head out and drill.

Here we are heading out. I wish Ginger was a few hands taller...I look bit funny on her, but she is a great horse. Glad Larry let's me ride her...otherwise, I'd be dismounted cavalry impression...not good!

Drilling on the original parade fields of Ft. Selden with the ruins of the walls in the background.

Here we are on one of those "Run - March" movements. Lots of fun. Doesn't take long at all to cover the distance of the parade field at that speed!

The day was perfect for living history. Too bad it wasn't a reenactment. But we had 75 visitors, a new recruit and his wife (so that is good. He is a officer, so it is good to have another active Army guy in the group), and Larry and I got some good cavalry drill in. I practiced giving commands again and that really helps me learn the movements. We even did some saber drill, as well as some lancer drill for the upcoming event. I would hate to be infantry and standing static while 200 cavalry with lances are galloping down on my position! We also did a few 'run' movements with the is fun to open them up like that.

In short, I had a great time at an event in a long time. We had 5 reenactors, and two other Friends of Fort Selden present. Well, surely the pics have told the story pretty much already.