Sunday, January 6, 2008

New Videos from Bethany

Here is a very nice video from my Sweetie Pie! She took the song Dixie, as sung by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, and put pics of us at early 2007 reenactor events in Illinois (Naperville, IL and LaPorte, IN) in a slide show. Very nice...enjoy!

And this video is again, the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, but they are now singing the Bonnie Blue Flag. I don't know which song is my favorite. I do enjoy singing both. My wife thinks it is funny that our little kids (ages 2 to 10...five kids!) all know much of the words to both least the first verse and chorus. I simply deem it as my patriotic duty to teach them these songs. I guess I need to teach them the Star Spangled Banner now!

And here is a very nice video from Bethany of the highlight event for the NC 26th (well, except for the event the 26th hosts at Minooka!) at Boscabel, WI. It rained like crazy this event, except for during the battles, which was nice. A lot of very good pics. I'll always remember this event, as it was our last event with my good comrades who got me started in the hobby from the 26th NC Infantry, Co. G. To Company G - Huzzah! to you all! Ah, this song is Ashokan's Farewell, and while not a period song, it is a very fitting song for these pics. And it sounds very nice as well.


Joshua said...

the only thing i dont like that about that song is that it just kind of repeats. like the last of the mohicans

CSA Brent said...


Yea, that song does just repeat. It usually has an 'instrument crescendo' if you will, that makes it more interesting. Also, if you notice, she repeated part of the song 'unnaturally' to make the video a little it accented the song problem. Unintentionally of course. Glad you liked it!

Dad said...

Brent I finally got your new additions on the Bonnie Blue Flag, and Bethany's pictures to work with some help from Adrienne. I am impressed! This has become my favorite additions on your blog site and I will return often. Thanks!

CSA Brent said...

Dad...glad you liked it. Yea, my sweet Bethany did a great job with those types of things, as usual! I enjoy watching them a lot too!