Thursday, October 4, 2007

Living History - Chief Logan Res. - 29 Sept 2007

Here are some of the pics of the family at this recent Living History event. It would take too long to arrange them just like I like, so here they are in this order!

Jake on the move and looking very big!

And here is a common view of Jake...he sits on the ground and tends the fire.

And here is my Super Tom...he is getting big too!

Here is my cute Eme...isn't she the cutest girl you ever saw?!!

My little, blue-eye Joe! He is surely such a handsome fella!
(He takes after his Dad in both regards!)

And here is another great looking, blue-eyed boy, my Jimmy!

And here is Jimmy acting like his big brother and trying to start the fire...well, if he was near the fire that is!

And here is my Sweetie-pie, Bethany, in her new, just made dress. You unfortunately can't see her or the dress real well due to the lighting. This is about my only pic of her at the event.

Here is Jake riding Chic.

Here is Merle teaching Tom a bit how to ride Travers.

Here is a real nice pic of Merle and Eme on Travers.

Here is Joe on Chic with me leading.

And here is little Jimmy on his first horse. He got to ride on Chic a bit and did real good!

Here are some more of the pics of our recent living history event that Merle, Gary and I did for the Cub Scout event Howlin' at the Moon out at Chief Logan Reservation. We had a lot of fun, got to camp out, show the Cub Scouts and families the cavalry and infantry weapons and even share some basic Civil War history. Fun was had by all!

Here I am after another ride around camp. Lots of fun, and that is surely the way to tour a scout event!

Here I am arriving back at camp. Boy I can see what I get such a sore from that is way too small! I guess I should have captured a bigger one from those Yanks, eh?!

Here is me just pretending to fire my pistol. Chic didn't like it one bit! She started trying to run away and spin away. I scared some poor schmuck trying to come up the trail at the same time. He wasn't about to move! Merle said to hold the gun pointing between her ears...she can't see the pistol that way. If I was firing it, she could have time to adjust to the noise.

Chic in mid-spin with me trying to get her to cool it.

There is Merle and Travers, Me and Chic, and General Lee (Gary) and Nelly Gray

Here is a nice shot of General Lee with a rather hefty looking scout!

Another shot of the General and Nelly!

Here is a nice shot of our campsite and the tent and fly, as well as many of the boxes and chairs, that Bethany and I have made. And we did most of that in a two-month period earlier this year!

Here I am riding bareback on Chic. It wasn't too bad at all, but I'll have to learn how to ride like that better before doing it too much in a close area like that one was! Chic thought it would be fun to start trotting away...I didn't think it was a hot idea, so I got off fairly quick and tied her up.

Here I am trying to jump on Chic. That was the apex of my jump! Looking at the picture, I think I must jump with two legs, whereas, Merle, who did it quite easily (he tried to lure me into a bet that he could do it...well, if you're asking for a bet...duh, of course I know you can do! I offered to pay him in Confederate money, but he wasn't interested in that bet!) is able to jump off one leg. I also couldn't get my right foot to turn out and over. I may try again in the future.

To get on Chic, I had to jump chest to back and then pull myself up. Merle got a kick out of that. Easy for him - he can make the jump!! But I did get up on Chic's back and that is the main thing.


Nathaniel said...

Wow, you guys have quite a bit of gear now.

CSA Brent said...

yea, we have made a lot in a short amount of time. It fills up the whole back of the trailer! It takes a while to set up and take down, but we have a pretty comfortable and good looking setup.