Friday, September 21, 2007

Boscobel, WI - 3 to 5 August, 2007

Hanging around camp at the end of the Boscobel weekend. It was a happy time as we were moving to Ohio, but it sure was a sad time as we were leaving behind all our buddies in the 26th...thanks to you all for all your kindness, help and overall support of us new folks in the hobby!

Here is a good example of tents at camp - and how tight we were packed in there at Boscabel.

A good random camp scene.

George looks like he is passing secret messages to the Yanks here!

We're chuckling about something...maybe someone cut the cheese or something...I don't recall!

Ooh, this one would be perfect...if only Captain Paul were in it!

Why we are acting like tigers...I'll never know!

Phil and I here before I leave. Phil was very helpful right off the bat in helping me and the family feel welcomed in the group. He was one of the first people we met that October 2005 at Minooka. Phil, thanks for all you did to get us into the hobby and the NC 26th!

Ryan and Bill...well, you look mighty tired Sgt. Bill after a long, wet weekend at Boscabel!

John and I here. John was Gen Longstreet this weekend. But I like your Stonewall Jackson impersonation the best!

General R.E. Lee or Paul Wood...Paul, you did a great job in portraying Lee. Paul was actually a driving force for us to join the 26th as well. We also talked with him a lot back at that 2005 Minooka event. I think Paul looks the most like Lee from any reenactor I've seen yet!

Look at those period! :)

Defeated at Saylers Creek...we didn't reenact the hand to hand, all out claw to the death that occurred in the real battle though. Nor the horrible lack of food and water that the Army of Northern Virginia was having to endure at that time in April 1865.

Here is some of our gang, with Sgt Tom and Lt. Gerry leading the way.

These drummers were very cool...wish we had them at each event. Only thing to top them would be some fifes to go along with them.

That's a nice pic at the end of the battle. Minus those distant telephone poles (which I should just photoshop out) it looks like it could be a real picture. And well, it is color, etc...

The 26th NC is in there somewhere!

Yank cavalry...keep on moving! Nah, they did a great job and there was quite a group of cavalry assembled for the event.

Look at those trench works...pretty cool eh?! Nice pic, sweetie!

There is my happy Joe...always having a good time!

It was actually worse rain than it looks in this picture. I am trying to get poor little Jim dry. You can see how wet I was and I was trying to stay dry!

Infantry...always standing and getting jawed at...I don't miss that in the cavalry, that's for sure!

Here we are getting the low down from Lt. Gerry prior to going out there.

Somebody needs to drive them from the field!

Ah, lots of smoke in the air, and lots of fallen Yanks...that is a good day's work! We are entrenched some where down to the left of the flag. I actually see Capt Paul getting down in the trenches there left of the photo. I also see my bald head there next to him. We were saluting the gallant foe, who, as a flag bearer, charged up the trenches all by himself, not knowing that all his mates had fallen wounded or dead around. This really happened at the battle of the second Cold Harbor, Virginia. Our colonel is saluting that flag bearer in the pic.

I wish I could have seen this battle from the spectator point of view. It apparently, was quite a somber scene as so many Federals fell trying to take the entrenchments at Cold Harbor. This was the battle where Gen. Grant got the nickname "The Butcher". There was almost complete devastation on the Yank side. The crowd was quite hushed and subdued as the battle was reenacted in a fine manner. It really brought home the sacrifice of the men on both sides who sacrificed so that America is what it is today.

The smoke is rolling!

A typical well laid-out campsite.

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