Thursday, September 20, 2007

Lockport, IL - 9 September 2006

Here is a great picture of some of the Enfields stacked next to the Battle Flag.

Here's my two big boys in front of the stacks with me.

A nice set up here at camp.

Here I am with two of my sweet kids, Eme and Joe in front of the Battle Flag.

Here is Lt. Matt and Capt. Paul reviewing the troops at 'Present Arms'
I'm sure Capt. Paul was saying, "All right, boys. We're going to go out there, look sharp, and put on a good show for the public. Now, don't forget to drink lots of water, because its very hot out there. And if you start to feel funny, just tell one of us and you can fall down as a casualty. Then we'll drag you and get you some help. No need to feel bad about that..."

Here is Bill, myself and John at attention. I like this pic a lot.

Boy, them Yanks sure know how to put on a good show. Too bad they don't fight as well as they sound! The Yanks always have the best stuff. Of course, I guess we are going for an accurate impression...

Well, we look pretty sharp ourself here. We came out in good order. You can see me just to the left of Sgt. Tom and Capt. Paul. I don't remember the Colonel's name...he was a good Colonel though. Apparently, he moved from the area.

He we come onto the field to get in position for the Yanks.

Hurry up and wait! We're receiving some last minute instructions from Capt. Paul.

I've spotted the family in the I am posing for the camera with my pal Bill looking on

This is another one of my favorite reenacting pics. The Lt. and Capt. are pointing to some flanking Union forces. They are calling for oblique firing. "Pour some lead into them...hurry!"

Some dismounted cavalry...looking pretty cool.

We are backing up in the field. The way you do that orderly is the rear rank grabs the traps of the front rank and they reverse deliberately.

Here's my little Jimmy in his dad's hat and shell jacket.

Here I am posing with the Battle Flag. It was a proud moment for me earlier in the day when I ran out of powder. Capt. Paul told me to charge the enemy. I did so with gusto, with a great yell and fast pace. You can see the grass stains on my left shin where I went down after facing the fire of entire Yank company. It took 'em all to bring me down! Capt. Paul said, as the company approached, "Tread this ground with honor, boys. One of our gallant own went down here!" After we reformed, I got the honor of taking the colors from the field. Our normal flag bearer was a 'victim' in the hospital.

This magician was cool and the kids loved watching his tricks.

Here is little Jimmy posing with Mr. Lincoln. At Minooka '05 where we first saw the 26th in action, we posed with Mr. Lincoln when Jimmy was only a few weeks old. He is a bit bigger here!

Here I am with my cutie pie, Emeline Melissa Harty!

My Sweetie Pie and me!
(my grandma Baba Louie would be proud of my excellent grammar!)

Here is Bethany and I with the company G. Battle Flag. Bethany bought this dress at this event. Later on, she would make several more dresses for herself (that looked a lot better than this beginner dress, I must say!)


Anonymous said...

Here are some great black and white photo's from the Lockport event...

You may be in some of them.

Feel free to post a link.

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