Friday, September 21, 2007

Glenview, IL - 27 to 28 July 2007

Battle from a far...well not really. This was taken from camp, which was right near the very small field there at Glenview. But it was a pleasant place to camp and a good group of folks wandered through all day.

Infantry in action while the ladies look on in anticipation of a gallant victory on their behalf...or continue in their know, pretty much the same idea...

You can see some of the infantry and it appears dismounted cavalry going here. Also John the Medic attending to a fallen comrade.

Nice pic...very garden like here in Glenview, eh?

Here is Lt. Matt and Sgt Bill bringing us back in from the field. I'm not sure who is the young man next behind Bill...Chris, I think? He is falling in the with the 26th, but I think he is from 154th TN. There is George next to him. I'm behind Chris and Vince is next to me. I can't recall the name of the fella behind me, but he is also from the 154th TN. He is originally from Britain and has a real interesting accent.

A close up of me and Vince.

Looks like Sgt. Rich is bringing up the rear. I got back into step at this point. I remember being a step off earlier...hate that!

Here is a nice pic of almost all of us in front of this gun. I believe it is a Napolean piece...but not sure. They are always cool to be around though.

Here is a sleepy Joe...he just woke up from a good nap.

There...Joe finally got in a pic!

Jimmy with a close up of this gun! You can notice a sleepy Joe walking over to find us all after his nap.

Jake really enjoyed being a powder monkey.

I had got done talking to some of the cavalry earlier when this pic was taken. I'm walking back from 'dying' while trying to take a cannon earlier in the battle. That was cool!

My blond-haired, blue-eyed Jimmy - my Bobcat!

What Joe is doing here...I don't know. Being a goofy 4-year old boy, I guess. It looks like he as dosed his head a little bit with that water as well.

Tom with Chappy and his owners, I can't recall their names, but they were good folks. They are getting ready for a vow renewal ceremony with one of the long-time reenactors in the area at this time when the pic was taken.

Tom with Chappy, a Percheron/Quarterhorse mix. A beautifully large horse. And really bombproof!

Jake pretending to pull the, he is really pumped up there, eh?!

Here is my pretty little girl, Emeline Melissa!

Here is a happy Jake - powder monkey!

A good pic of one of the artillerist and a gun.

The first use of our newly made tent and fly. There were some bugs to work out, but all in all, not bad. Also, many of those boxes were new at this event too. Not a bad looking camp, considering at the start of the season, we had none of this!

Another view...a few farby items in the pic, but not bad.

And another can see our made 9 ft. A frame here nicely.

Here is a good look at the portable, folding table I made. I use Captain Paul's table as a model.

Here is a nice pic of one of the kid's tents and their trooper boxes. Before this event, we all slept these tents. All 7 of us in 3 tents. In comfortable weather it is not too bad, but under harsh conditions (like the extremely hot Wauconda weekend) it is very difficult. Two kids to a tent generally. Bethany, Jimmy and I slept in one tent though. When it is bedtime, blankets are put on the poles for privacy, keeping the light down, keeping it a little warmer and trying to keep out mosquitoes.

And here is Bethany doing some sewing or something back in camp. Looks like Tom is taking a break in this pic too. At later events, especially after the downpour at Boscobel, I added two more poles to get rid of the slumping portion of the fly. Camp looks pretty comfy in this pic!

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