Friday, September 21, 2007

LaPorte, IN - 23 to 24 June, 2007

All aboard!

This was a fun event at La Porte, IN. You can see the pics below, as well as view this video that my wife Bethany made of a few clips from the Hesston Steam Museum Civil War event. It was a lot of fun. We ran the scenarios back and forth about every half hour. First, the Confederate forces would stop the train by force and capture the gold. Then the Union forces would return the favor. The spectators had a great time it seemed. It was a beautiful farm that housed the steam trains and various old tractors as well. I highly recommend your visit if you are near Northern Indiana/Southwest Michigan.

Here the engineer is making final checks on the engine for the day.

This was the common view for the spectator on the trip out.

Here are the Yanks returning after a successful capture of the train, its cargo of gold, parole of Confederates soldiers, and hijacking of the passengers.

Jacob was asked towards the end of the day to be the flag bearer. He looks a lot like some of those old time pics of young boys as drummer boys and such.

Here is Kevin, who usually does a Confederate impression, but today had to switch back and forth all day long in the scenario. He would canter out from behind the train and head it off to get the train to stop. He sure looks tired here, he?! One thing is for sure - he has a beautiful Bay mare named Gracie.

Here is a real nice pic of Rich, Darell (look through the smoke) me and Bill. It was a real pretty site, even though the ground was sloping. It made for a real rough night of sleeping. In fact, it was the worst night of camping I've ever had. The mosquitoes were as thick as I've ever experienced. Poor Jake was especially tormented with them and still is leary of camping due to those nasty 'squitoes! But otherwise, it was a great event, the food was good and I hope the event grows every year. It was a grand time and fun was had by all!

Here is a nice pic of Rich and Eme. She must be looking for some snacks!

Here is the family on the train. Smile Tom! He is still leary of cameras ever since Christmas time last year when some goofiness was captured on 'film'.

Look at Jimmy's big blue eyes. He looks to be contemplating mischief to offset his boredom!

Yep, indeed he was! Here he is at his favorite activity of the day...playing at the water spicket!

Mmm...nothing tastes better than sucking on farm spickets to get a quick, refreshing drink!

Look out...he'll enchant you with those youthful, sparkling blue eyes!

Here is Joe with some flowers he picked. I'm sure he'll put them to good use.
Here is Joe giving a flower to his sweet mother!

Here is Joe giving a flower to his pretty big sister...aren't they so cute!Look at my pretty brown-eyed little girl!

Aren't these two girls pretty...they even have matching dresses?!

Here is my pretty Eme in a new dress that her Mom made for her. Don't pay no heed to the 'period' Army transports in the background!

Here is Tom having a good time on the train.

Smile Tom!

Look at the green in his otherwise blue eyes.

Here is my Jakey...reading his book & guarding camp. He sure likes to read. It is good to see a country boy learned in such a manner!

Here Jake is posing with his dear 'ol Dad.

Here is a nice pose of Bethany in her new dress and freshly made carpet traveling bag.

My beautiful Bethany in her new dress that she made!

Myself, Darell and Bill waiting to board the next train to defend the gold from them vile Yankees!

Here I am with my Sweetie!

This is a real nice close up of us together.

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