Friday, September 21, 2007

Naperville, IL - 18 to 20 May 2007

Here are the kids at Naper Settlement, in Naperville, IL. It was a good, fun event, even though the facilities are crowded.

Here I am with my Sweetie Pie in front of one of the old houses.

Mom and the kids

Dad and the kids

This could be a period looking photo in front of this old house.

This is a good one of Bethany...a crappy one of me!

There was a petting area at this liked that.

Here is a nice family photo...Tom had his period face down pat!

Here we are defending the fort from those dern Yankees! I'm standing next to Sgt. Rich on the back row.

'Keep 'em hot, boys! Pour it in 'em!'

I hope that crazy dismounted cavalry fella went down in the face of all that fire. I doubt it though....

Preparing for the attack in the fort.

Here I am marching off to battle, with Lt. Matt guiding us on.

A gaze into the officers tent...

A cannon must have discharged it shot...

Looks like we're trying to advance behind these 'hemp' bales.

I enjoyed guarding the stacks before the battle. It was a nice honor.

Here we are at drill.

Getting ready for battle...or something.

It was totally packed at Naperville. Not a good place to campout, but a fun event all the same.

Here is Capt. Paul surveying the scene.

Here is a nice pic of the stacks.

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