Friday, September 21, 2007

Wauconda, IL - 6 to 8 July, 2007

Wauconda...what a blistering hot event! It was a great event, except that it was so hot and we had no shade. I'll always remember it as the event where we all nearly dehydrated. Luckily we sucked down some Gatorade on Sunday before we went home, or we could have all been sick. We tried drinking lots of water, but without any shade throughout the day, we were in a tough spot. Unfortunately, there are no pics of the actual battles of the event. Bethany took some, but we have no idea where they were saved to (if at all). So this is all we got.

Here I am trying to save the fair skin of Joe with sunscreen. I know I wore it. I had to pay top dollar for this bottle at a local IGA. I can't believe there was no nearby WalMart?!

On Saturday evening we went and talked to the cavalry. I told them how I really was interested in cavalry. They wanted to let me join their group, but I told them I was moving soon. But they were a good bunch of guys.

I love this Dunn. I believe his name is Bullet...can't recall though. Jimmy and I are having a good time saying hi!

More pics of me and the kids enjoying the horses.

Doesn't the Jakie look sharp here?!

Here is Jake doing his big brother thing. He is a great help with Jimmy at events.

Oooh...scary Tom! He spent the weekend trying to shoot down junior Yanks in the playground. It was funny...they wouldn't die there either! What a shame to see such young kids spoiled so early on!

It was so hot, even Eme Pie was slowed down with her socializing!

Here she is in her new sun bonnet. Too bad she didn't wear it very often...

Here is my sweet the shade. That is a nice straw hat, but he didn't keep it on either.

We thought this was funny at first, but got a bit worried. He was fine, but you can see the heat was taking its toll on our poor kids. It was SO hot in that sutlers tent! Still a cute pic!

Jimmy having some fun in the shade.

The heat also took its toll on Jimmy. He refused to walk at this point. He threw a fit. We just walked on, but went back to carry him. He just was unable to walk...he was hot and pooped out!

Here we are minus Jake...he's taking the pic! The shade was our only respite...and it kept moving!

Man its hot...I almost never roll up my sleeves!

Here is my sweetie pie...what a trooper in this heat!

This was our hang out for the weekend. At least in the morning hours. Come afternoon, we sat under a tree on the other side of camp.

Just take a nap, Jimmy!

Oregon Coast girls just love the 100 degree reminds them of the 60 degree summer days back home. Oh, wait...maybe not! But she is trying hard to be a strong supporter of our hobby. She is a believer in the Cause!

Man, I'm fried at this point. I just need some cool Gatorade, or a nice dip in the water. I got heat rash on my legs from exposure to the wool directly on my skin...and well, the heat!

Laying on this blanket in the shade is what we should have done all weekend.

These 3 shelter tents are our lone sleeping arrangements for the weekend. After this weekend, we built our A Frame tent with fly...we couldn't risk another weekend of exposure like this to the family again.

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